The capital of Valle del Cauca is characterized by the cheerful and helpful culture of its inhabitants that is also evident in its rhythms such as salsa, the unspeakable taste of sugarcane and its architectural icons such as Cristo Rey and Cerro de las Tres Crosses, as well as the hill of San Antonio. It is an ideal city to meet and enjoy; and for that, Linoravuy brothers is always present so you can apply for your loan in Cali.

Where to apply for loans in Cali?

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With Linoravuy brothers it is possible to make low-cost loans in times of emergency, whether for someone who wants to know Cali and its surroundings or someone resident of the city thanks to the high coverage offered by this type of service. All surrounding municipalities have the possibility to apply, the only thing you need to access a loan is the internet and a bank account.

The approval is carried out in approximately fifteen minutes, we offer amounts from $ 150,000 to $ 900,000 and the loan is free investment, so you can use it in whatever you like, be experiences of gastronomy, outdoors, nature, adventure, sport, Shopping, among others.

Linoravuy brothers figures indicate that Cali is a city with a regulated loan rate with efficient payment levels, while Bogotá and Medellín are the cities that make the largest number of applications.

However, Cali is also a promise at the investment level. The capital has a real estate valuation. In 2017 it was 6.30% surpassing other cities in the national territory.

This city is characterized by being the third most important for the economic, agricultural and industrial growth of the country. The department of Valle del Cauca has managed to maintain a growth in its economy, above the national average with 3% since 2014 while the national average is only 2%.

One of the qualities to stand out in this place is the presence of multiple companies in various sectors of the economy. According to data from the Chamber of Commerce of Cali there are about 90,000 small businesses registered in the city with high economic projection nationwide.

How to use your loans in Cali?

The Climate

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The economic progress of the city and civics make this city globally dubbed as ‘the branch of the sky’ thanks to the year 1984 the renowned Niche group created a song for the fair called Cali Pachanguero in whose lyrics He refers to the city as: “Barranquilla, Golden Gate, Paris, the city of light, New York, capital of the world and the sky, Cali, the branch.”

From that moment the song is the anthem of the renowned Cali Fair that takes place at the end of December and has a varied program, full of music, dance and party.

The Market Research Center, CIM, towards the end of 2016 conducted a perception study of those who visit the city for the holiday. According to the sample that was carried out with 1161 people, Pacific Day is one of the favorite activities for visitors with 88%, followed by Fair Street with 87%. Third, there is the Rural and Community Fair and the opening event: the Salsódromo; with 84% approval.

In this way, the city becomes an inevitable place to know and explore. Visiting Cali as a tourist can cost between $ 25,000 and $ 75,000 per day depending on the activities to be carried out and the season. However, money is not an obstacle thanks to the possibility to apply for a loan online in case of lack of immediate liquidity.

The diversity of the city allows to make the visit a unique experience at different levels. At the environmental level, 25 different bird species can be found. Currently, Researchers of the Wildlife Conservancy Society – WCS and the Universidad del Valle, are carrying out studies to reaffirm three new species of amphibians for science, released in recent expeditions in the Farallones Natural National Park of Cali.

As for Tourism

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Buga was recently awarded as an accessible tourist destination thanks to a friendly project with people with disabilities in the call made by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

As for gastronomy, Cali is not far behind. Numerous restaurants in the city have been awarded in recognized competitions such as La Barra, with restaurants such as Ringlete, by Martha Jaramillo, who won in the category of Best Traditional Colombian Cuisine Restaurant; Mansion Del Río Cali, with the prize in the Best Wine Proposal category in the South West and Pacific.

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